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Yes, We are 'Legal Rebels.' And You'll Be Glad You Chose Subscription Pricing.

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

We didn't coin the term "legal rebels," but we're proud to wear the new moniker.

Last week, founding partner Joyce Tong Oelrich appeared on a podcast from the American Bar Association Journal, in a series called—you guessed it—"Legal Rebels." In her interview with legal affairs writer Lyle Moran, Joyce discussed how Tong Tejani is doing law differently by promoting a subscription-based pricing model.

As she explained, it's a real benefit to our clients to pay a flat monthly fee rather than the standard hourly rate, because it:

  • Provides consistent, predictable billing

  • Is familiar to in-house counsels at tech companies, which themselves charge users by subscription

  • Creates a stronger relationship by turning us into trusted advisers and feeling like we're part of your business

Joyce also told the story of a client who was resistant to going the subscription route:

“After doing a couple fixed-fee projects for them, the attorney that we work with called us and said: ‘I have a set of seven projects that need to get done within the next year. Instead of having you quote all seven projects at a fixed fee, why don’t we agree upon a set amount every month and we will go with that?’” she says. “She came around to the subscription model after seeing our work for the fixed-fee projects.”

We actually offer a variety of tiered subscription options, so contact us to learn more!

Read the full ABA article

Listen to the podcast:


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