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Waking Up From Your Government Sales Hangover

Now comes the compliance headache—but we can help!

It’s the end of the US government fiscal year. If you’re like most of the companies we work with, it’s time to celebrate the deals closed and toast your successes. Or at least, your sales team can. But when the party’s over, who gets left to clean up the mess? Yup, the in-house attorneys.

The Party's Over

The truth is, sales folks don’t usually have to think past the sale. Government contracts are not your typical customer transaction. Far from being done, your work is just beginning—because government contracts come with a slew of requirements that impact your entire company. Even if your sales team knocked the ball out of the park, you may be the person responsible for protecting your lead.

Here Comes the Headache

Government contracts are usually large dollar amounts, and that flood of revenue is accompanied by a flood of risk. They may also come with required changes to your product, support, and business operations—sometimes with a quick turnaround. As good as it feels to be closing deals, now is not the time to relax.

You decide to seek outside legal help. You could reflexively default to your usual law firm that assisted with your IP or corporate formation issue, justifying your decision because the firm has a government contracts practice group. But the real question is whether the government contracts practice understands how you built your product, your go-to-market strategy, and your support model.

We’ll Bring the Coffee (and Acetaminophen)

Now is the time to bring in experts who understand the impact your growing government business has on your entire organization: from product conception and corporate operations to sales and fulfillment. Tong Tejani understands the wide-reaching impact of government sales and will give you personalized, comprehensive, and seamless guidance.

The graphic below illustrates how government contracting affects your entire business, and how our firm stands out in our ability to counsel you on both the big picture and the step-by-step:

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