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Tong Tejani Racks Up 3 Honors in 4 Months

After celebrating our firm’s one-year anniversary in October, the following months brought exciting new developments for Tong Tejani—one each for founding partners Zohra Tejani and Joyce Tong Oelrich, and one for the firm itself. These honors have provided excellent opportunities for us to share our expertise, take our skills to the next level and extend our reach as thought leaders in the legal field:

Zohra Tejani appointed as commercial and technology arbitrator for AAA

On March 3, 2021, Zohra became an active member of the American Arbitration Association’s Commercial and Technology Panels. This new role will enhance our firm’s legal counseling by bringing an “arbitrator’s lens” when we’re evaluating a client’s position in a negotiation or dispute—helping us better assess the client’s relative strength or weakness.

“Being selected by the AAA to arbitrate commercial and technology disputes is an honor. I‘m excited to leverage my 20+ years of experience to resolve disputes with the AAA. I also recognize that serving as an arbitrator is a serious responsibility, and I take to heart all the work involved.” said Zohra.

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Joyce Tong Oelrich named to ABA panel on diversity and careers in government contracts

Keeping with our firm’s support of advancing diversity in the legal profession, Joyce was asked to participate in a panel entitled “Law School Outreach: Careers in Government Contracts.” The panel was hosted by the American Bar Association’s renowned Section of Public Contract Law Young Lawyers Committee and the Diversity Committee on February 11, 2021.

“I shared advice how you can achieve greatness in a government contracting career, the many different paths that can get you there, and the importance of mentorship” said Joyce. “I always love talking to young lawyers, especially diverse individuals who might feel like they are alone—that’s the most rewarding part. I received several messages afterward, including one that said, ‘It was great to meet you and hear your story! Thank you for all the encouraging advice you have given all the lawyers. What an empowering message in a bleak year.’”

Zohra added, “Joyce has world-class legal experience and is an inspiration to the next generation of lawyers.”

Tong Tejani featured in Practice Panther article

In December, our firm was featured in an article by our law firm practice management software company, Practice Panther. The article highlights diverse lawyers and their successes, and provided a new platform for us to share our “origin story,” how we leverage technology, our client focus, and how we lean on our community for support and encouragement.

You can find the full article here: Why 6 Diverse Lawyers Launched Their Own Practices - PracticePanther (Dec. 17, 2020).


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