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At the Crossroads of Government Contracts and Commercial Technology


Commercial businesses often apply a traditional commercial contracting and compliance approach when doing business with public sector entities. This tactic can backfire because the government plays by a different set of rules: imposing a constantly evolving and extensive set of regulations on the companies with which it does business. Companies that fail to grasp and address their government contract risk face a range of challenges from barriers to entry to severe penalties. Tong Tejani PLLC assists companies of all sizes—small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations—in navigating the complexities of the most challenging government contracting matters.

Established in 2019, Tong Tejani combines the talents of two proven government contract leaders, Zohra Tejani and Joyce Tong Oelrich, into a boutique law practice. Tong Tejani PLLC delivers highly specialized, actionable advice that addresses the specific public sector challenges companies face, helping to manage risk, scale operations, and drive revenue.

Tong Tejani co-founders, Zohra Tejani and Joyce Tong Oelrich, pose together outside of their boutique law firm.


We advise companies on government contracting issues that impact the entire product and sales lifecycle, including engineering and supply chain, pricing and business models, partner channels, marketing, promotions and trials, sales and contracting, implementation, delivery, and support. We counsel on traditional government contract matters, such as bid protests, litigation, commercial transaction negotiation, and compliance.



With 22 years of in-house experience at global tech companies, focused exclusively on the Public Sector in the U.S. and worldwide, we appreciate your various needs and concerns. Our unique expertise allows us to assist in operationalizing regulatory compliance, provide strategic counsel, handle a protest, or even negotiate government contracts for XaaS and other technology products and services.


We leverage technology, contract attorneys, domestic ALSPs and various specialized SMEs to help with spikes in workloads, larger projects, deals, litigation, and commodity legal work. We also have relationships with practitioners in every major jurisdiction, which forms the basis for our advice on international, state and local government practice.  


We offer several modern service models: fixed price offerings, ranging from a predictable fixed monthly fee for day-to-day guidance and questions, to project-based, capped estimates for assessments with recommendations, investigations, contracts, litigation, policy papers, and training.


We provide you with strategic counseling and practical, actionable legal guidance, drawing upon our combined wealth of experience in support of the U.S. Public Sector, Global Public Sector and Commercial Tech industries. We value proactive collaboration, prioritizing a tailored approach to your concerns vs a “one size fits all” solution.  


Learn more about our practice areas. We look forward to working with you.

Tong Tejani co-founders, Zohra Tejani and Joyce Tong Oelrich, provide strategic counseling and practical legal guidance.
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